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My name is Fig!

Age: 2 year old 

DOB: 8/1/2021

Breed: Juliana Potbellied Pig

Gender: Male

Likes: Eating hickory nuts around the farm, napping, assisting in food prep for the other sanctuary animals.

Dislikes: Being told not to help pick the vegetables from the garden,

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My Story

Fig’s life began in a tiny, mud-filled pen with no food and a mother that could not support him, much less his newborn siblings. Fig was quite literally struggling for his life, living next to some of his siblings that had already passed away. Fig almost did not make it if it wasn’t for a concerned neighbor who brought him to their home and bottle fed him back to life. After this gracious neighbor was able to stabilize Fig, Sarah was contacted to take him in, where she and her husband continued to bottle feed him until he was able to start eating on his own. We are so grateful for this family and the community that helped connect Fig with Sarah. Fig most certainly lives a spoiled life now! Fig has the absolute biggest personality in such a compact little body. He has been extremely vocal since the first time he was brought to his new home. At that time, we understood why he wanted to emphasize all his needs and desires…he was literally starving. He is in no way starving now, but his vocalization is immutable for any time we are feeding him past his allotted meal schedule. He loves to tell you every moment about how he is feeling about everything. If Fig is not telling you how he is feeling through his varietal pig oinks, then we would be worried he has fallen ill. He loves to run around with little spurts of “zoomies,” forage for nuts that squirrel’s hide in the grass, belly scratches, and most of all he loves bananas! He sleeps inside the house at night and roams around the barn and farm outside during the day. Fig is still very afraid of new people after being wronged by humans at birth, so we try to be very cautious introducing him. Once he gets to know someone, he will nearly throw himself on the ground for belly scratches and foot rubs.

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