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My name is Simon!

Age: estimated 7 years old 

DOB: 2016

Breed: Hereford

Gender: Steer

Likes: Following his buddy Beau's lead in new situations, observing his surroundings, back scratches and LOVES cookies.

Dislikes: Being away from his best friend Beau.

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My Story

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for visiting us here online as you learn about Keeper’s Haven Animal Sanctuary! We hope that you might come and visit us one day in person. We are sharing our life story together since we have always been together and can’t imagine what life would be like if we were separated. We were separated from our mothers at a very young age. We don’t know why this happened, but we were lucky to be taken to a place where we were raised by very kind humans who bottle-fed us until we were able to eat solid food. We then became special projects and received lots of loving attention. We were able to be groomed every day and loved all of our time together with our human friends. Our favorite thing was to be hand-fed treats! We especially remember a very kind man who spoke to us in a very gentle voice. He took us to a big farm next to a forest and we lived for many happy years playing in a field. The man took good care of us and we looked forward to seeing him every day. We always felt safe at our home, until one day the man came and his voice was very sad. We knew that something bad was happening but we didn’t have any idea that we would soon lose our best human friend. The man was very worried about us and told us that he was looking for a new home for us because he couldn’t live at the farm by the woods anymore. There were many days when he came and we knew from his sadness that he hadn’t found a place for us. Then one day he came and said that we would have a temporary home at a place that took a lot of horses who needed homes. We would have our own field and we would be safe. While we didn’t know exactly what this meant, his voice wasn’t as sad as it had been and he seemed very happy when he said safe. One day he came with a big trailer and we got in. We drove almost an hour until we came to a small farm. We were given a field and a run-in shed that we liked very much. The man was happy that we had this new place and we were happy too! But our new place was temporary and the people there were looking for a new home for us. A lot of people came to the farm, but they were all looking for horses. No one was interested in steers, and we started to wonder what would happen to us. Some kind people at the farm who take care of us started to have the same worried voice that our friend the man had spoken with and we wondered how long we would be safe. We also knew that we needed to be at a place that understood steers, because our feet were becoming sore and needed special attention. At Christmas time in 2022 two of our human friends at the new farm built a corral from portable fencing up by the front of our field. They fed us a lot of good hay in the corral and when they spoke to us the worry had gone from their voices. They told us that we would be safe in a new place for the rest of our lives and that we would always stay together. They also told us that we needed to be good boys and get on the trailer when it came for us. We were very good boys and got right on the trailer as soon as it came! We love our human friends and trust them to keep us safe. Now we have a new special friend named Sarah who made sure our feet were taken care of and who brings us special treats. She calls us Cookie Monsters and we like this name very much! We plan on always being the Cookie Monsters of Keeper’s Haven Animal Sanctuary! With love, Simon and Beau

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