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My name is Fred Pickering, but those around the sanctuary call me Frankie.

Age: 26 year old

DOB: 1997

Breed: Warmblood

Gender: Gelding

Likes: Friends, soft cookies, getting groomed, going on walks, and making people happy.

Dislikes: Not having my friends around, which luckily never happens!

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My Story

Frankie came to Sanctuary to ensure that he would be safe for the rest of his life. An accomplished foxhunting horse, he spent most of his life working hard to serve the humans he loved. When it was time to stop working, Frankie’s previous owner looked for a place for him where he would be loved and cared for and where he would continue to have a meaningful purpose. Frankie came to Keeper's Haven very depressed not having a job, so we helped show him his need as a babysitter and teacher to volunteers. We are so grateful to have Frankie’s presence at the sanctuary! He is the most admirable gentleman who watches over all of his companions with the sweet spirit of being of the Sanctuary Grandfather Spirit. Frankie is currently in charge of Elu’ and Theo Dine, the orphaned mustangs. His quiet dignity is rubbing off on them as they learn how to trust humans and become responsible members of a herd. We are looking forward to the day when Frankie becomes a service horse for human friends in need. Frankie is another one of the incredible souls who inspired Keeper’s Haven to be a retirement resource and ensure the security of older horses in their golden years to live out the rest of their days peacefully.

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