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My name is Biscuit

Age: 10 year old

DOB: 2014

Breed: English Bulldog 

Gender: Male

Likes: Squeaky tennis balls, napping and peanut butter

Dislikes: Exercise, unless food or toys are involved.

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My Story

Sarah got a call from Bullies 2 the Rescue (B2TR), on the same day she was going to pick-up Fig the Pig, about an “old” bulldog. Biscuit was found on the side of the road by the local Police and brought to a shelter for care. While a large part of Biscuit's life is unknown, when he was picked up, he had a lot of inflammation all over his body, was very overweight and essentially blind due to his eyes being completely covered in mucus. He had infected eyes, his ears were black, he had rashes all over his body, very long toenails, and was very scared. The shelter he was taken to deemed him dangerous because he would aggressively lunge at people who were trying to help him. Sarah picked him up, with a red collar stain around his neck, and LOTS of dirt on him, and immediately brought him home (and to the bathtub!). Thankfully, Sarah’s husband is a long time English Bulldog breed lover and connected instantly with Biscuit. Biscuit knew he was in the hands of people trying to help him. After his initial rounds of antibiotics, Biscuit was starting to look better. The swelling in his body from inflammation went done and helped him drop 5-10 pounds in the first three months. Sadly, Biscuit was very clearly wronged by humans. At the start, he would aggressively lunge at us when getting anywhere near his face to do eye drops, ear medication, really anything. He was tense and in a lot of pain. It took months of daily efforts and positive associations before he would trust us to put eye medicine in his eyes. We are a year into our relationship with Biscuit and while he is not a big cuddler, he has made tremendous strides in his affection seeking, and we are pretty sure he is thanking us now with his twice daily eye medicine. Without his eye medicine he is not able to see due to the mucus buildup. We believe that a result of his chronic dry eye, he may have lost some vision from having mucus on his eyes for an unknown length of time. A big shout out to Bullies 2 the Rescue for if it wasn’t for their incredible network, Biscuit may not have made it past the “shelter” where he was dropped. Biscuit’s personality has blossomed and for the 2 hours of the day that he is not asleep, he can be found following any human around, as long as they have a treat! He also really loves to play with squeaky balls and chew on peanut butter flavored benebone wishbones. Thank you to Biscuit’s fan club and thank you B2TR!!

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